Monday, 21 July 2008

web sites that dont let you buy !!!!!!

I want to rent a camper van for a few days.....searched on the web, found what looked like a good site to search for and book one, entered all my details, hit 'get quote' and look what happened .....
ADODB.Recordset error '800a0e79'Operation is not allowed when the object is open./enquiry2.asp, line 325.
As well as wasting my time I find this really sad....the company has invested significant time, energy and money on creating this web site. They had a prospect ready and willing to buy and they have just lost him. I don't really know why it gave this error and I shouldn't need to - I could phone them up, but I will just go to one of their competitors instead, because it will be easier and faster. The web is a great way to quickly promote your business and get customers. It is also a great way to loose them very quickly !
The morale of the story - make sure you get some potential customers to test the site and test it in different browsers.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

How much should you charge ?

Recent research has shown that, in some situations, people actually like to pay more !
The study was based on peoples preferences for the taste of different wines. Using a technique which lets us see which parts of the brain are most active at any time it was found that the 'pleasure centre' in the brain was more active when people where drinking more expensive wine.

Not surprising you might say, as more expensive wine usually tastes better ?

The twist in the tail (or should that be the twist in the corkscrew ?) was that the wines apparent prices had all been mixed up randomly, so there wasn't any real connection between displayed price and quality of the wine.

So when you are next setting some prices, bear in mind that your customers might well be happier if you charge them more !