Wednesday, 26 March 2008

How much would you spend to get a few more customers ?

Out of interest I recently responded to an email marketing message, offering to help me easily earn £150k plus per annum .......something duly arrived in the post.

It was a fat package containing many pages of bumf which seemed to describe a secret method to win lots of customers for anyone selling some sort of professional service. It looked like it consisted of a few template documents and some training. No price was mentioned however.

I didn't respond to the offer of a free face to face 'assessment' to see if I might be allowed on the scheme. Over the next couple of weeks, more mail arrived, each a similar fat package of paper. Still not easy to understand what was being offered and (again) still no mention of price.

Having engaged my curiosity, I phoned the number to ask one simple question - 'how much is it ?'. I was fully expecting not to be able to find out very easily at all and to have to agree to meet someone to be 'assessed'.

To my surprise I was given the price on the spot (£18,000 plus) without even being asked who I was !

This raises a couple of interesting questions; how did they know I wasn't a direct competitor doing some market research, why didn't they want to get my contact details, how much is a new customer worth (to justify the spend, assuming their 'magic' works as claimed and lastly does anyone buy this stuff when sold like this ?