Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I'm talking but nobody is really listening!

I discovered a great sales tool today that is called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. While I've been aware of speech recognition software before, I,ve always thought of it as inaccurate and a bit of a toy. But I now find that I have to produce reports quite frequently for clients and whilst my typing is okay it's not great and it was taking much more time than I thought it should.

I then had the brainwave of dictating my reports and sending them by e-mail to a remote audio typist, who produces the first draft for me. Then I had my Eureka moment and thought 'why not have a look again at voice recognition software ?.

Accuracy now is is almost as good as good audio typist and of course it has the advantage that it is always there when needed, doesn't need coffee breaks and pretty much does what it's told.

However the challenge in using this tool is that I feel a bit stupid speaking to my laptop. It's a very strange experience talking when there is nobody listening or replying to you. Logically I know why I am doing it, but emotionally it all feels very odd, psychologically I know it will take some time for this to feel anything like normal.

At the moment I feel very self-conscious as I dictate this blog but I can already see that this could save me a lot of time and of course time is money. So if you're looking to increase your sales, make yourself some more time to spend on things that make a difference, like calling on more prospects, or spending time with customers, rather than glued to the keyboard.

Hopefully over time maybe even by tomorrow it won't feel quite so strange to be chatting to my laptop any more, and I know now what it's like to feel that I'm talking but nobody is really listening!